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Plainview, NY

About This Community

Located just East of Great Neck and West Hempstead, Plainview, Long Island presents a modest, tight- knit, out-of-town community with all the amenities of New York living. Plainview’s over 250 Orthodox families benefit from 3 growing synagogues (The Young Israel of Plainview, the Sephardic Synagogue, the Plainview Synagogue), the JCC, a local Yeshiva (Mercaz Academy), mikvah, and eruv.

Affordable kosher food and catering is provided by Shoprite which boasts a dedicated Kosher kitchen, bakery, and takeout. Home prices start at $500K with taxes commensurate with other Long Island communities.

The Long Island Railroad offers express commuting to Midtown Manhattan in just 40 minutes. Further, Plainview’s location opens the door to career opportunities on Eastern Long Island where technology, engineering, and medical fields continue to grow.

Most of all, Plainview is known for its uncommon warmth and friendliness. Whether it’s Sunday morning softball, barbecues, painting parties, or teas, Plainview offers new families the opportunity to love and live an exceptional Jewish life.


● Affordable Homes/Co-ops

● Eruv

● Kosher Food Availability

● Kosher Dining

● Mikvah

● Yeshiva Elementary Day School

● Yeshiva High School

Our Community Amenities

Yeshiva Elementary Day School
Extra Curricular Programs
Sports Leagues NCSY
Religious Life
Kosher Dining
Dairy Restaurants
Kosher Food Availability
Kosher Store Kosher food widely available in local supermarket
Shabbos Mikvah within walking distance Mikvah within close driving distance
Daily Minyanim (Shacharis/Mincha/Maariv) Available
Ashkenazic Sefardic
Other Resources
Eruv Yoetzet Halacha
Mass Transit Available
Fair Participation
2019 Fair 2019
2022 Fair 2022
Sephardic Synagogue Of Plainview NY, Plainview, 51 Country Drive
(516) 728-5212
Young Israel Of Plainview NY, Plainview, 132 Southern Parkway

Our Community Contacts

Esther Linder (516) 508-0153
Francie Goldberg (516) 696-4200
NCSY NY/NJ 212-613-8289