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Oak Park, MI

About This Community

OAK PARK is a fast growing, close-knit community that has a low cost of living, especially relative to other large metropolitan areas. There are several synagogues, with Young Israel of Oak Park being the largest Modern Orthodox synagogue in the area.

Local education is very affordable, and includes preschools, elementary schools, and middle/high schools, that span a wide range on the Torah spectrum. Higher education is available at Wayne State University and University of Michigan, as well as several other schools.

Oak Park is near several highly-ranked hospitals, Jewish Senior Life facilities/programs/services, and kosher assisted living facilities, some located directly next to Young Israel of Oak Park.

Employment opportunities abound in the Detroit metropolitan area in Medicine, Automotive/ Engineering Industry, and Information Technology (home of Automation Alley).

Affordable housing is easily found with houses ranging $150-400K, as well as rental apartments and townhouses. Income and property taxes are significantly less than those in other major metropolitan areas.

Oak Park/East Southfield have several kosher restaurants/shopping, as well as a beautiful mikvah. A large JCC located in nearby West Bloomfield serves the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Stress–free commutes are usually 20 minutes or less, with easy accessibility to highways and low congestion travel. NYC is about 10 hours by car and 1.5 hours by plane.

Please come to Oak Park for a visit and experience our famous Midwest



Free visit, free initial membership, a point person for guiding transition, free initial tuition at one of the local schools.

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Our Community Amenities

Yeshiva Elementary Day School
Coed Boys Only Girls Only Chabad Day School
Yeshiva High School
Coed Boys Mesifta Girls Only Bais Yaakov Chabad High School
Post High School
Yeshiva Bais Medrash Pre Israel Yeshiva Bais Medrash Post Israel
Educational Resources
School Programs Funding Assistance Tuition Vouchers Rebates
Extra Curricular Programs
Sports Leagues NCSY Bnei Akiva Pirchei Bnos
Special Needs/Disability Resources
Yachad or Similar Friendship Circle
Religious Life
Chessed Organizations
Hatzolah Tomchei Shabbos Bikur Cholim
Kosher Dining
Dairy Restaurants Meat Restaurants
Kosher Food Availability
Kosher Store Kosher food widely available in local supermarket Kosher food is shipped in by order regularly Chalav Yisroel
Shabbos Mikvah within walking distance Mikvah within close driving distance
Daily Minyanim (Shacharis/Mincha/Maariv) Available
Ashkenazic Sefardic Ari
Other Resources
Lakewood Kollel Unaffiliated
Jobs Assistance Network Mass Transit Available
State Income Tax for Highest Bracket 1-6%
Low Property Tax Rate Low Corporate Tax
Retiree Amenities
Senior Housing (55+ / Assisted Living) Retiree Programs Retiree Kollel
Fair Participation
2013 Fair 2013
2019 Fair 2019
2022 Fair 2022
Congregation Bnai Israel-Beth Yehudah MI, Oak Park, 15400 W 10 Mile Rd
Congregation Ahavas Yisroel MI, Oak Park, 25952 Greenfield Rd
Bait Knesset Hag'Ra MI, Oak Park, 14561 Lincoln St
248 542 8737
Minyan Avreichim MI, Oak Park, 15221 Dartmouth St
(248) 967-3141
Shomer Yisrael MI, Oak Park, 14261 Vernon St
(248) 542-4014
Young Israel Of Oak Park MI, Oak Park, 15140 W. 10 Mile Road
Congregation David Ben Nuchim MI, Oak Park, 14800 W Lincoln Ave.
Kahal Chareidim MI, Oak Park, 15050 Burton St
Ohr Hatorah MI, Oak Park, 15150 W 10 Mile Rd
Or Chadash MI, Oak Park, 25401 Coolidge Hwy
Kehillat Etz Chayim MI, Oak Park, 14601 Lincoln St
Mishkan Yisroel MI, Oak Park, 14000 W 9 Mile Rd
Kehal Rina Utefilah MI, Oak Park, 25725 Coolidge Hwy

Our Community Contacts

Rabbi Shaya Katz (443) 514-5553
Shoshana Katz 248-470-0231
Yachad Region
Detroit 212-613-8229
NCSY Central East +1-346-226-5767