Linden, NJ

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About This Community

Linden is a welcoming, affordable, “small town feel” community in the metro-NYC area, with the peaceful comforts of suburbia and all the amenities of larger Jewish communities. It is one of the most centrally located cities in NJ: a half hour from Teaneck, Brooklyn, NYC, and many universities and major work centers. Because of this, Linden is the smart choice for young couples and families looking to settle down and grow their careers and families in a cost-effective way.

The expansive eruv allows a wide variety of housing in a range of prices. Housing prices range between $400-550K for a 3-4 bedroom home, while a 2-bedroom apartment rents for $1600/mo. Linden also offers a beautiful new mikvah in the area, located at Congregation Anshe Chesed.

The shul’s supervised Shabbos groups for children (6 months+) enable all parents to daven without distraction, and year-round programming is run for children AND adults – parents can have fun too! A strong relationship with YU and the Center for the Jewish Future provides shiurim and weekly chavrusah/chaburah learning opportunities.

Just blocks from Anshe Chesed are playgrounds, a fish-filled pond, and many public parks. Hiking/biking trails, waterparks, indoor play areas, golf courses, zoos, and swimming pools are all just minutes away. More importantly, there are 3 Jewish daycares, 6 Jewish elementary day schools and 5 high schools within commutable distance.

Anshe Chesed also is currently offering incentive packages for renters and buyers who get involved and are interested in impacting the community.


• Every new family automatically gets a $2,200 value move-in package consisting of one year:

o Free membership to local Y to use daycare, after school programming, day camps, gym facilities and more!

o Free premium membership to the Ziga Roshanksi Mikvah, which includes free appointments all year and jacuzzi spa access every time

o Free Family Membership to Anshe Chesed including High Holiday seats

• Special Leadership Grants of up to $10,000/year for 5 years for members who will contribute to the Shul’s growth and development.

• An additional $1,800 tuition grant from the MetroWest Federation for all new families sending their children to a MetroWest school. Details at

• Additional $15,000 available for qualified applicants toward either:

--Paying off your student loans

--Paying your child’s yeshiva day school tuition

--Paying for your child’s school transportation


• Affordable Apartment Rentals

• Affordable Homes/Co-ops

• Eruv

• Kosher Food Availability

• Kosher Dining

• Low Taxes

• Mikvah

• Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

• Yeshiva High School

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Andrew Van Houter (240) 888-5885
Rabbi Yossi Katz
Samantha Van Houter
Congregation Anshe Chesed NJ, Linden, 1000 Orchard Ter