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Portland, OR

About This Community

Discover the vibrant and close-knit Portland Jewish community! Nestled in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, our community thrives on unity, where everyone plays a significant role in our Kehilla.

Our comprehensive infrastructure includes daily minyanim, multiple Shabbos minyanim, mikvah, eruv, NCSY, and a Va’ad Hakashrus that certifies local restaurants and catering. The Portland Kollel has a vibrant night seder and many other learning opportunities that make Torah learning the heart and soul of our community. Maayan Hatorah, our local Torah elementary, provides early childhood from 6 months and up, excellent secular and Judaic studies up to 8th grade, and a high school is currently under development. Kosher food is easily available at affordable prices through Safeway kosher bakery, KC Kosher co-op, Seattle Kosher, and Trader Joe’s.

The robust Portland economy, home to major corporations such as Nike and Intel, offers abundant job opportunities in tech, healthcare, education, and many other industries. We are the most affordable community on the West Coast, with 3-bedroom houses starting at 550K and rent starting at 2K.

In just 90 minutes by car, you can immerse yourself in various outdoor activities, from alpine skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing to strolling along the rugged and stunning Oregon Coast beaches.
Come and explore the full and satisfying Jewish life that awaits you in Portland, Oregon!

The Portland community was featured in the Mishpacha Family First this December. To read the article, click here

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Our Community Amenities

Yeshiva Elementary Day School
Coed Chabad Day School
Educational Resources
School Programs Funding Assistance
Extra Curricular Programs
NCSY Girls Dance, Avos U'bonim, Shabbos Children Programming
Religious Life
Kosher Dining
Dairy Restaurants Meat Restaurants
Kosher Food Availability
Kosher food widely available in local supermarket Kosher food is shipped in by order regularly Chalav Yisroel
Shabbos Mikvah within walking distance
Daily Minyanim (Shacharis/Mincha/Maariv) Available
Ashkenazic Ari
Other Resources
Eruv Vaad Harabonim
Mass Transit Available
State Income Tax for Highest Bracket 6%+
Fair Participation
2013 Fair 2013
2024 Fair 2024
Congregation Kesser Israel OR, Southwest Portland, 6698 SW Capitol Hwy
503- 222-1239
Congregation Beit Yosef , Portland, 4200 Southwest Vermont Street
Chabad SW Portland OR, Portland, 6612 SW Capitol HWY

Our Community Contacts

Boruch Diskind 503-901-7014
Leanne Dall (503) 750-0512
Chava Mirel Daitchman (917) 698-8704
Rabbi Sholom Skolnik (917) 626-5965
NCSY West Coast 310 229-9000