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Overland Park, KS

About This Community

Overland Park is a vibrant, fast-growing Jewish community located in a beautiful (and affordable!) suburb of Kansas City. Over the past five years, an influx of young families has energized the Orthodox community, centered around Congregation BIAV, the only OU shul in the area, and revitalized the local, pioneering Jewish day school, Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy.

When your child attends BIAV's overflowing youth groups, you participate in our spirited tefillot, or your family experience the sheer midwestern niceness of everyone around town, you’ll fall in love with Overland Park, the way so many of our members already have!

Overland Park boasts an award-winning NCSY chapter, and the local Vaad Hakashrut is constantly increasing the amount of kosher food available. Within walking distance from the shul you will find any level of housing you desire, from renting a townhouse ($1600/mo), to buying an affordable starter home ($250-300K), and all the way up to $800k for the top-end homes in our nicest area, with below-average property taxes.

The growing Kansas City metro area is home to several well-known companies such as AMC, Honeywell, Hallmark, Garmin, and H&R Block, as well as many job opportunities in a diverse set of industries. No matter what you are looking for in a new community, talk to us at Overland Park to find out how we might be the right fit for you and your family!

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Our Community Amenities

Yeshiva Elementary Day School
Yeshiva High School
Extra Curricular Programs
Sports Leagues NCSY Bnei Akiva C-Teen
Religious Life
Kosher Dining
Dairy Restaurants
Kosher Food Availability
Kosher food widely available in local supermarket Kosher food is shipped in by order regularly Chalav Yisroel
Shabbos Mikvah within walking distance Mikvah within close driving distance
Daily Minyanim (Shacharis/Mincha/Maariv) Available
Other Resources
Mass Transit Available
Retiree Amenities
Senior Housing (55+ / Assisted Living)
Fair Participation
2015 Fair 2015
2017 Fair 2017
2019 Fair 2019
2022 Fair 2022
2024 Fair 2024
Congregation Beth Israel Abraham Voliner (Biav) KS, Overland Park, 9900 Antioch Rd
(913) 341-2444

Our Community Contacts

Rabbi Mark Glass
Alisa Kartch (913) 712-6192
David Granoff
NCSY Midwest 847-677-6279