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Northeast Philadelphia, PA

About This Community

Join the over 50 new families who moved in just in the last few years!

Location: Northeast Philadelphia is 90 minutes from NYC, 2 hours to Baltimore, and just over 1 hour to Lakewood. Taking a train to New York? Drive 30 minutes to Trenton Station, and hop onto a train for a 50-minute ride to NYC Penn Station. This is a perfect location if you want to live close to the NYC metro area but are looking for the out-of-town feel!

Affordability: Rent a 2-3 bedroom home for $1,500-2,000/month with full amenities, including washer/dryer, easy parking, and private entrance. Buy a house for $350K with just $3,000 in property taxes.

Wondering how to afford yeshiva tuition? Our Day school tuition packages will astonish you, due to Pennsylvania State Private School Tax Credits. The cost of living is a small fraction of the NYC metro area. Live here, work less, and enjoy what truly matters in life more.

Job Market? Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the USA, with jobs in all areas and industries, highlighted by world-class universities, hospitals, and Fortune 500 companies. Give us your resume, and we will help you network!

Our community is made of up warm, welcoming families, multiple shuls, and many different school choices. We have a place for everyone. There is so much to do in Philadelphia, with incredible parks, museums, and family-friendly activities. Come check us out and let us give you a warm welcome!

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Our Community Amenities

Yeshiva Elementary Day School
Coed Boys Only Girls Only Chabad Day School
Yeshiva High School
Coed Boys Mesifta Girls Only
Post High School
Yeshiva Bais Medrash Pre Israel Yeshiva Bais Medrash Post Israel
Educational Resources
School Programs Funding Assistance
Extra Curricular Programs
Bnei Akiva Pirchei Bnos
Special Needs/Disability Resources
Orot Special Needs Program
Religious Life
Chessed Organizations
Hatzolah Tomchei Shabbos
Kosher Dining
Dairy Restaurants Meat Restaurants
Kosher Food Availability
Kosher Store Kosher food widely available in local supermarket Chalav Yisroel
Shabbos Mikvah within walking distance
Daily Minyanim (Shacharis/Mincha/Maariv) Available
Ashkenazic Sefardic
Other Resources
Mass Transit Available Low Property Tax Rate
Fair Participation
2015 Fair 2015
2017 Fair 2017
2019 Fair 2019
2022 Fair 2022
2024 Fair 2024
Congregation Ahavas Torah PA, Philadelphia, 1425 Rhawn Street
(215) 725-3610
Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu PA, Philadelphia, 2018 Solly Ave
(347) 452-0292
Bnai Israel-Ohev Zedek PA, Philadelphia, 8201 Castor Avenue
Congregation Beth Midrash Harav B'Nai Jacob PA, Philadelphia, 7926 Algon Ave

Our Community Contacts

Shira Shifrin 215-758-3468
Yachad Region
Philadelphia 212.613.8229
NCSY Atlantic Seaboard 410-358-6279